Keynote Topics

Authentic leadership

To to be caring and compassionate are not the traits that we all have learned at business school, yet it is what the best leaders have in common and how the best business owners operate.

Authentic leadership take away
  • How to defy business pitfalls
  • How to have REVERENT power so people refer you for best practice, best values best processes and best leadership
  • How to maintain your inner peace no matter what the external factors are.

Our destiny isn’t one big destination at some specified point of life. It’s the choices we make at the many stops on our life path.

  • How to defy your destiny
  • How adversity breads bravery
  • How your fate doesn’t have to be fait acompli
  • How to travel the path less traveled

Don’t look at the big, complicated picture, that can be too daunting and paralysing. Just look at the one small step in front of you. The size of the step is irrelevant, the decision to make it is enormous.

Resilience take away
  • Defy the inevitable challenges that comes from being a women
  • How to turn your most painful walk in life to build resilience
  • How to transform from being a victim to being a victor
  • How to choose determination over defeat every time



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