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“ Our destiny isn’t one, big destination at some specified point of life. It’s the choices we make at the many stops on our life path”

At the age of 12, Fiori’s marriage was already arranged. By 14 she was recruited to fight in the Eritrean army. Her destiny, like that of so many other girls in Third World countries had been dictated, defined and determined. It was yet, though, to be defied.

Cue Fiori’s inspirational story.
At 15, Fiori made the harrowing decision to flee war-torn Eritrea without friends or family. She crossed 5 continents and 20 0 countries in search of knowledge, personal growth and wisdom; eventually settling in Australia

where she’s now a highly sought after keynote speaker and a respected Business and Executive Coach.

As a result of repeatedly overcoming harrowing life experiences and insurmountable obstacles, Fiori has decoded her steps towards survival, transformation and success, creating a formula that empowers others to overcome their own problems, no matter how big or small.

Fiori has used this same framework to help many business executives re-set new paths to success and fulfilment. This same framework is now readily available to helping anyone who is looking for inspiration and a proven formula to Defy their Own Destiny – the most practical and effective tool for helping you live a life you love. Learn More… Begin your journey to Defy Your Own Destiny today with Fiori’s free eBook

Fiori Giovanni – Keynote Speaker

If anyone can speak with authority and influence on the act of defying their destiny, it’s Fiori Giovanni. Which is why Fiori is one of Australia’s most sought-after speakers, with her story of courage and bravery from overcoming impossible odds inspiring audiences across the nation that they too can ‘Defy their Own Destiny’ and live the life of their own choosing and creation.

“Fiori’s powerful personal message inspires everyone to believe they can overcome any obstaclesin order to achieve what they want. No matter what the topic, Fiori can be relied upon to deliver an engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking presentation”

— Rick Finlay, Sales consulting solutions director at Oracle

Uplifted by her spirit and inspired by her courage, Fiori’s audiences are then equipped with practical, everyday tools, empowering them to challenge their own status quo, deal with adversity and to take the path less travelled.

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Defy Your Destiny

One woman’s captivating story of bravery, strength, and hope as she forged her own path and defied her destiny. After reading this book you will be uplifted by her spirit, inspired by her courage and equipped with a practical framework that she has used to overcome her challenges.

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