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"The staff were mesmerised by Fiori and her life story. She shared diverse aspects of her life and told her story in a way that deeply moved the staff. Many have looked her up online to try and find out a little more about her."
- Deanne Morgan, Oatlands Primary School
"Fiori is a pleasure to work with and she really takes the time to understand the needs of her audience. I invited her back to speak for us without hesitation. As well as being dynamic and powerful, Fiori has a strong presence and connects and interacts powerfully with her audience. Her message is both relevant and inspirational. Her presentation inspired me to reflect on my own life, after which I felt motivated and energised to make important changes. Fiori's keynote will open your mind to unlimited possibilities. It's an empowering experience. Thanks Fiori."
- Emma Rae, Chair Generation Y Discussion Group,CPA Australia
"After listening to Fiori speak, you will walk away with practical techniques to improve your focus, inspire action and sharpen your resolve. I've had the pleasure of listening to Fiori speak on several occasions. Her awe-inspiring story is delivered genuinely and strongly, empowering all audience members to make positive life changes."
- Jules Gordon , HR Consultant
"Fiori's powerful personal message inspires everyone to believe they can overcome any obstacles in order to achieve what they want. No matter what the topic, Fiori can be relied upon to deliver an engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking presentation."
- Rick Finlay, Sales consulting solutions director at Oracle
"Fiori's presentation was nothing short of inspiring. What a refreshing topic, and one that should be shared with all! She presented in a manner that was both humorous and entertaining, while still getting her message across to the entire audience. Brilliant speech and keep up the amazing work!!"
- Angie Wang, Assistant Accountant at Grass root group PTY LTD
"Fiori is a dynamic and engaging speaker. Myself and the rest of the audience were mesmerised from start to finish. We were also motivated by her energy, inspired by her story and enthused by her sense of humour. Fiori is a genuine, authentic speaker who provides realistic and practical tips. Anyone who implements her strategies and tips will improve their performance in life. It's rare to see a speaker make such a lasting impression, but Fiori has done just that!"
- Sara Kangarloo, Client support worker AMES Australia
"Fiori had previously presented at a CPA discussion, and had received so many accolades that she was asked to return. Prior to seeing her speak, we were told that Fiori delivered an unforgettable, empowering and educative session, and that she kept her audience on the edge of their seat the entire time. When I finally attended her event, I understood what all the fuss was about! Her seminar was indeed inspiring, riveting and fun. She kept us engaged by asking powerful, thought-provoking questions. She also maintained our energy throughout the session with unique physical activities. Fiori is the perfect balance between being con dent and unassuming. She commands attention in any room with her poise, warmth and assuredness. I would love to listen to her speak again."
- Kellyin Ho, Market research consultant at Lewers Research
"I have known Fiori for a while and have been to some of her seminars. Unlike most speakers who rely mostly on their choice of words to convey the message, she uses passion and a seamless connection with the audience to deliver her message. She is gifted in the art of listening while speaking."
- Pawan Sinha , Director SINHA SAP CONSULTING