“When all hope seems lost and you’re sitting in the wreckage of your attempts, remember you are defying your destiny through the courage of your intent”

From the moment the whirlwind that is Fiori Giovanni hits the stage, she has her audience enraptured. At times laughing out loud, other times in tears and often deep in thoughtful silence as they travel an exciting and emotional journey that will literally change their lives.

Sure, Fiori’s extraordinary story is a route probably only a few other women in the world have travelled, but she tells it in a way that leaves her audience with the keys, tools, and attitudes that shape courage, resilience, real leadership and a shift in mindset.

Courage to tackle the changes they’ve dreamt about but for which they fear failure, Resilience to overcome challenges, Leadership to envision and define their goals and Mindset to shift from a victim to a victor.  In a nutshell, Fiori shares a potent formula that empowers others to overcome problems, both big and small.

All the above traits are something that Fiori has needed in massive amounts being born in a war-torn African and overcoming the challenge of a pubescent arranged marriage, and as a teenager being mandatorily subscripted into the army and clinging to life in a leaking boat loaded with refugees. She had the courage to survive and learn from these experiences to become a serial entrepreneur, a #1 best-selling author, media commentator, human rights activist, proud mother of two and sought-after Keynote speaker. 

Additionally, she is the owner of My Mind Valley, an online product hub for those seeking fulfilment, confidence and clarity through affirmations. Fiori believes affirmations are one of the most profound and effective ways to implement personal change. She owes her very survival to their potency. My Mind Valley houses over 30 affirmation topics, which are available in audio, video and eBook formats at www.mymindvalley.com

Defy your Own Destiny today by downloading your free eBook today



Fiori’s My Mind Valley will ignite your ultimate transformation and personal development journey with inspiring affirmation eBooks, audios and videos.

Affirmation is one of the most profound and effective ways to implement personal change and through My Mind Valley contains over 30 topics carefully designed to meet specific challenges in life.

Take Control of your Life and Let your Capability, Clarity and Focus Flourish

All are available in an audio, video and eBook formats, making it easy for you to select your preferred method of learning.


Defy your Own Destiny today by downloading your free eBook today