Hypnotherapy Packaging Services

Yes, You Can Experience Greater Confidence, Higher Productivity, Joy for life and true inner peace no matter what.

My Hypnotherapy Services Are Designed to Give You the Momentum You Need to Thrive in Your Work and Personal Life.

Everyday we face tremendous challenges in an ever-changing work and social

    • Hybrid workplaces, staying connected with your family and friends, and achieving your personal and professional gaols while trying to enjoy life can be draining for anyone.
    • Transitioning into a new stage of life with more responsibilities can bring uncertainty, anxiety, and more than a few sleepless nights.
    • Lack of fulfillment in your work or personal life can lead to disengagement, missed opportunities, and burnout.
    • It seems like there’s a new crisis, scandal, conflict, or tragedy on the news every day. Staying focused and positive is hard for most people, especially those who sympathize with the suffering of others.

The good news is there’s a proven answer for helping you make the shift from feeling stuck, unfocused, and dissatisfied with life to being fully focused, inspired, and passionate even feeling ecstasy and joy for work and life …

Hi, it’s Fiori Giovanni, and I work with corporates, mums, dads, and burn out executives who are in need fresh energy and a renewed purpose…

I’ve worked with audiences of corporates, Mums and Dads and burn out Executives across Australia to reclaim resilience, find a new source of courage, and live a life of peace, ecstasy, and purpose.

Growing up in Eritrea, I was a child soldier, a planned child bride, and destined for a life of feeling trapped without a voice for my future. I escaped as a refugee across the wind-
swept sea, tragically losing family members and friends along the way.

My journey to a new life in Australia left me seeking hope again as I lived in fear with an
abusive partner and the loss of my infant daughter. Finding courage and seeing a brighter future, I knew that I needed to take charge of my life.

I’m now a certified business and executive coach, keynote speaker, #1 bestselling author, and human rights activist. I also hold a self-directed healing practitioner and hypnotherapy certificates. The same principles I found while fleeing my home country and escaping to freedom are what I lean into to help overwhelmed, stuck corporates, mums, dads, burn out executives to find hope and purpose again.

What Can Hypnotherapy Do for Your Work and Life?

Hypnotherapy activates the subconscious part of your mind where your performance, productivity, and purpose reside. Through guided sessions, we focus on key areas of your work and life, such as:

    • Self-confidence
    • Performance enhancement
    • Mindset clarity and inner narrative reinforcement
    • Emotional healing for familial patterns of coping and processing significant life events
    • Focus in even the most chaotic or distracting environments

The end goal is to help you mentally and emotionally have the resilience to perform at your full potential and live a life of pure ecstasy and joy for life. You have the power to be your best – hypnotherapy happens to be the conduit to activating your fullest self.

How Hypnotherapy Works

If you’re not familiar with hypnotherapy, you may have heard a common misconception.
It’s important to know that you stay in full control of your body and mind during hypnotherapy sessions. At no point will you ever lose control over your body or mind.

Hypnotherapy is simply an awakening of suggestive neural patterning that can train,
rewire, and reinforce a positive life-long habits for a more meaningful, fulfilling life.
My hypnotherapy services are offered in three distinct tiers:

    • Level I: Four 50-minute sessions over 1 months
    • Level II: Twelve 50-minute sessions over 3 months and work more than one area
    • Level III: Twenty-five 50-minute sessions over 6-12 months and work every area of your life

Hypnotherapy sessions may be completed via video call or in-person, depending on
your location and availability.  eMail today at admin@fiorigiovanni.com and start your new

“My decision to appoint Fiori as a business coach was one of the best decisions I have made for myself as well as for my company.
Fiori has the qualities you would expect from a coach. A good listener with the ability to intelligently analyses issues logically. She has a wide range of knowledge and an excellent understanding of business models.
The business knowledge and skills she possesses meant that Fiori was able to very quickly understand my company’s business and my role in its future direction.
I needed to get some clarity on the strategic position of my company moving forward and she was able to provide me with a much needed structured programme
Through this program Fiori delivered pragmatic solutions underpinned with a commitment to achieving results.

Fiori has maturity beyond her years and I would not hesitate to recommend her services to any business executive or business owner.

– Chris, Director CPA firm

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“When I first start to seeing Fiori, I was sleep-deprived and frustrated at my continued failure to quality sleep which was affecting the quality of my day at work, interactions and personal life. As an executive and SEO of my company I couldn’t offered to be anything less than focus and sharp at all times specially when I am at work. . Fiori was able to easily dig to the bottom of it and demonstrated to me a plan ahead that can correct the bad pattern I was following. After few well planned session and implementing what Fiori has asked me to do. I was finally able to have that quality sleep I been longing for and start feeling myself again.
Fiori’s coaching approach was very practical and there was no time for b.s. . Her warm and caring personality made it easy to establish a rapport and productive working relationship with her straight away. Fiori’s ability to listen, ask and analyses logically was unpack able.
I can know say that I benefited from the experience in a way that exceeded my expectations and recommend Fiori to anyone very highly.”

– Michael Financial Planner

I have been running a successful CRM consultancy for 15 years.
I contacted Fiori a few year ago seeking to gain some assistance in helping me analyse the different areas of my business, identify aspects which were underperforming and to assist in developing plans for improvement.
I found Fiori was able to bring to the table a clear analytical mind, tremendous ability to maintain focus and preparedness to engage in robust discussions in maintaining her views whilst at all times delivering results
With her help I was able to get a fresh “map” of my business and added significantly to my client base.
I recommend Fiori to anyone seeking to benefit from a fresh view and to have independent yet informed input from someone very task oriented and who always delivers tangible outcomes.

– Kelvin Oxwell, Director and CRM specialist

“Fiori has worked in a number of business projects for me. she has always followed every instruction I have asked and delivered unpack able outcomes.
She has great management skills, people skills and endeavors for excellence. Any business would be lucky to work with Fiori and use her great level of creativity, passion and determination for results.”

– John W, Director of property and town planning

“When Fiori first asked to me come along for one of her executive sessions, I was a bit sceptical at first. I thought it would be a waste of my time. I’ve always considered myself a rational and logical thinker and never thought that I needed someone else to think for me about how to achieve my own life goals. However I soon realized that Fiori’s approach is actually very methodical. She first ascertained what my real goals are by questioning what it was that I really wanted out of life. She then taught me how to set appropriate goals and would challenge me when they were either too high or too low so that I could reset them. She also would point out where my limiting beliefs were and logically demonstrated where my thought process needed to be corrected. Lastly, fiori helped me set out a plan to achieve my goals and showed that with time and effort, how I had the power to ensure that I could have a more fulfilling and satisfying life. It is without question that in the end, my time with Fiori was time well spent.”

– Gary C. Senior manager in ATO