Create growth mindset

Posted on 05/07/2018

The dictionary definition of mindset reads as “a person’s way of thinking and their opinions” yet our mindset is so much more than that. In fact it is the single most important factor in our life.

Mindset is the key that holds the state of our body, our health, our fortune, our relationships, our wealth, where we live and ultimately our happiness.

For those with a fixed mindset, who do not open themselves to the opportunity that life presents, often find themselves trapped in an unhappy life cycle.One that can become seemingly impossible to extricate themselves from, as they simply do not have the belief in themselves to rise out of their own misery.

For those who do see more in themselves, and see opportunity were others see barriers, they have what is known as a growth mindset. One that enables us, no matter how difficult the circumstances, to believe that they can push through and find a way to true happiness.

These are our inventors, our entrepreneurs, our musicians, our poets. They are able to escape the seemingly meaningless life they were once trapped in, to live a life that is special/fullfilling.

The good news for those with a fixed mindset is that modern physics has taught us that the things we see as solid, such as the chair you are sitting on, the table your eat your meal on and the bed you sleep on, are not quite as solid as they appear.

Everything around us is made up of patterns of energy, of vibrating subatomic particles, and if we apply enough heat, these objects so strong in structure will transform into something far less solid.

So why is this law of physics good news for those with a fixed mindset?

Because the same principle applies to our own minds and if we apply the right amount of “heat”(and by that I mean through affirming constantly what we want to achieve in life), then like the table made of the most solid of marble, under this heat our minds will transform.

Nothing is unbreakable and by breaking our fixation on our limitations, which are holding us back in life, and instead focusing our mindset on all that we can achieve, we change our own world, reshaping our lifes into a life of endless possibilities.

It is with this mindset that we can then set and achieve our goals, challenge ourselves to improve all aspects of who we are, and ultimately live the life that we have dreamed.

So if you do find yourself trapped in life and are wondering how you can break free from the hamster wheel that your life has become, why not visit My Mind Valley today and explore how we can help you create your own growth mindset.