What is Authentic Power?

Posted on 27/02/2019

If you Google the term “Authentic Power”, you’ll see: extensive research has been done on it, books have been written on the topic, andbloggers have blogged about it.Authentic Power is taking the world by storm because it can be harnessed by absolutely everyone to help them live a fulfilling, exciting life.

But what exactly is Authentic Power?

The definition is so broad and beautiful that it stretches right over our heads like an elusive rainbow that can be admired but never touched. It’s at the tip of our fingertips, yet impossible to grasp.There are answers all over the internet and filled within books, but unfortunately most of the answers can be a bit complicated.

Today, I’d like to explain Authentic Power in my own words, in the simplest way I know how.

It may still take time to understand and implement Authentic Power, but trust me, it’s worth the journey.


The actual definition of Authentic Power

The definition of Authentic Power by Gary Zukav, the brilliant author of Seat of the Soul is, when our personality works in alignment with our soul.

This is a poignant, powerful definition.

But it’s also a slightly confusing one.

Many people, understandably, don’t know what their soul is. So without knowing what the soul is, it’s impossible to ever truly know what Authentic Power is either.


Let’s have a soulful discussion

What is the soul?

Just as “Who is God?” can be answered in many different ways, so too can, “What is the soul?”

My interpretation is this.

Your soul is personal to you, and it’s like the constant, warm embrace of an all-knowing intuition. An angel whose goal it is to protect, guide, nurture and nourish you.

But your soul doesn’t have any actual form. (And this is where it gets tricky, because when something has no form, it can be difficult to understand or believe.)

So for the purpose of this explanation, let’s imagine your soul is the sun.

Externally, the sun is a flaming ball, pouring light and warmth over you. During the day it literally shows you the way with its light. It’s presence helps to define your day.

At night the sun is still there, guiding you toward a new morning.

The sun never leaves.

It’s always shining.

It’s always burning bright.

It has magnificent power.

Its role is immense and vital, because its gravitational pull keeps the planets in place within their orbits.

It shines its light. It sheds light on all people and all situations.

Even if you die, the sun will shine.

That’s the external sun.

There’s an internal sun as well.

Your internal sun is a ball of gentle fire that burns in the centre of your rib cage, radiating light and hope to every cell of your body.It’s like a compass floating in a nourishing soup, constantly leading you and feeding you. Guiding you to feel more enriched and alive.

So your soul is like the sun, but without taking the actual form of the sun.

It’s inside you, outside you, and all around you. It’s just there, everywhere.


How does your soul relate to Authentic Power?

As mentioned, the definition of Authentic Power is when your personality works in alignment with your soul.

So,Authentic Power is where your personality and life work in alignment with your ever-present guiding light. Your gut feeling. Your intuition. Your integrity.

In other words, you allow your personality (and everything about you), to be guided by your soul.

If we use the sun as an example;you acknowledge the importance of the sun and its role in keeping you safe and on the right track. Sure, you can walk outside during the day wearing a blindfold, there’s nothing stopping you from doing that!But without light, you will be floundering along, taking uncertain, intrepid steps.You may even hurt yourself or others in the process.

When you take the blindfold off however, you allow the sun into your life, and can be guided again.


Authentic Power summed up in one, simple visual image

The best way I can explain Authentic Power is with a visual image.

The embodiment of Authentic Power, to me, is an eagle soaring in front of the sun.

The sun is around the eagle, in front of the eagle, within the eagle.

The eagle is majestic.

She soars effortlessly and yet with wholesome purpose, always in alignment with the sun. The sun is near her, within her.She eats, sleeps, hunts, mates, all in alignment with the daily patterns that the sun, her soul, provide her.

The eagle that I imagineprotects her young but otherwise, bares no ill well. Her intentions are honourable. Even when she kills, it’s for survival not sadism.She eats only what she needs, conserving the rest for others. She lives her life with purpose, integrity, bravery and kindness.

That is Authentic Power: living life with purpose, integrity, bravery and kindness.

If the image of an eagle soaring in front of the sun is all you ever remember of Authentic Power, that’s more than enough.That’s all you’ll ever need.

If you ever doubt whether you’re harnessing your Authentic Power or instead, abusing an external power, think about the eagle.Is the action befitting of a powerful eagle? Would an eagle (in human form)want to take such action?

Eagles command respect just by being eagles.They don’t need to bring others down or bolster themselves up in order to be admired andrespected.

They just are.

Their power is effortless and wholesome.

Their power is pure.

Their power is authentic.


Want more? Let’s dig a bit deeper.

An eagle, by simply soaring through the skies, inspires awe.She’s not trying to impress anyone, but she’s impressive nonetheless.

You too can emulate the eagle.

Anyone can.

Everyonecan have Authentic Power, whether you’re the CEO of a company or the cleaner who polishes the toilets.

Authentic power doesn’t come with position, money or education.

It comes from within.

It comes from living your life with the right intentions. Living your life with purpose, integrity, bravery and kindness.


What Authentic Power looks like in real life

When faced with the option of building someone’s confidence or tearing it down, a person with Authentic Power will always offer encouragement, constructive feedback and positivity, rather than insults, sarcasm and negativity.

Whether they realise it or not, the person harnessing their Authentic Power is always subconsciously asking, “What is my intention?”

If the intent is to make others jealous, angry, annoyed, insecure, uncomfortable, hurt, scared, lonely or intimidated – they want no part of it.

They don’t need to attack someone else in order to feel better about themselves. They are already self-assured and comfortable in their own skin.

They want only to help. They want only to take a wholesome path.

They are an eagle, soaring in front of the sun, guided by their soul.

They are always questioning, challenging, and embracing their intention.


Harness your Authentic Power

I hope this article has made Authentic Power a little clearer for you.When you harness your Authentic Power, you will livea full, meaningful life. A life that excites and drives you.A life where you will respect others, and in turn be respected. That’s power. That’s Authentic Power.

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Fiori Giovanni is a keynote speaker, author and executive coach. She helps her clients take back control of their lives to initiate positive change and build capability, clarity and focus. Fiori was born in Eritrea and escaped an arranged childhood marriage at just 12 years old. At 15, she fled the Eritrean army and made a harrowing Mediterranean crossing alone. After finding refuge in Italy, her journey led to Belgium and then Australia where she has built a successful career as an executive coach and continues to dedicate herself to helping others overcome their challenges in order to live a life of their choosing. Her acclaimed book, Defy your Destiny is available now in paperback.